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Ultra Isolation Transformers Manufacturers

We are the most reputed Ultra isolation transformers manufacturer in India offer assorted range of transformer products at very suitable prices. Our Ultra isolation transformers are coated with aluminum or copper windings to give safe machine operations and optimum functioning. Our products are suitable to work with most sensitive devices like medical instruments, digital devices, or CNC machines etc.

Further, our transformer products are especially designed to deal with most disturbing factors like noise or other extreme weather conditions. Our Ultra isolation transformers are environmental friendly and affordable too. They can be availed in custom specifications as per industry needs and requirements.

Specification of Ultra Isolation Transformers:
Type : Ultra Isolation / Isolation
Range : 1 KVA - 1000KVA
Primary Voltage : 1100 VAC
Secondary Voltage : 1100 VAC
Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz.
Winding Material : Aluminum / Electrolytic Copper
Insulation Class : Class ‘C’ / Class ‘H’ / Class ‘F’ / Indoor/ Outdoor applications
Enclosure Protection : As per request
Cooling : forced air / air natural

FEATURES & ADVANTAGES of Ultra Isolation Transformers:

PRIMA solation transformers are commonly designed with careful attention to capacitive coupling between the two windings. This is necessary because excessive capacitance could also couple AC current from the primary to the secondary. A grounded shield is commonly interposed between the primary and the secondary. This greatly reduces the coupling of common-mode noise present on supply conductors.

  • Filters Spikes, Transients, and Power-Line Noise
  • Minimizes the Transverse Mode Sound
  • Minimizing the common sound through more than 110 dB that is not possible with the conventional Isolation Transformers
  • Isolates sensitive equipments from the noise Power-Lines
  • Total Electrostatic Shielding
  • Enclosure protection for Ultra Isolation Transformers on request
  • Low loss and energy efficient Ultra Isolation Transformers
  • Quick installation and free from all magnetic loses


We are the trusted transformer manufacturers and exporters in India whose Ultra isolation transformers are highly suitable for medical industries, automation industries or manufacturing industries etc. We alter or modify technical specifications of our products as per our client needs and project requirements.

These transformers are available with extra protective electrostatic shielding to work with most sensitive equipments and to reduce noise. TO know more on technical details on ultra isolation transformer and to get custom solutions from us, contact expert team at Prima Transformers now.


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