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The isolation transformers are used for transferring of the electrical power taken from the source of alternating current. Isolation transformers help in providing the galvanic isolation which is generally used for preventing of the shocks, then to suppress the noise and also to the transferring of the power between any two circuits which should not be connected. A transformer is considered to have been constructed with a special insulation which actually helps in the withstanding of the high voltages across all the windings.


The isolation transformers help in blocking of the transmission that the DC components cannot pass. But, it helps in passing of the AC current. Thus, the isolation transformers have a ratio 1 is to 1 which actually are stuck up in providing the windings to the primary as well as the secondary circuits and prevent the circuits from the electrical shocks. These designed isolation transformers help in the providing power supply to the sensitive equipments which include computers, medical devices and surely laboratory instruments. Many a times, it is difficult to emphasize a device which is not exactly an autotransformer and which does not help in the connections too. Talking about the power transformers, they are actually needed to isolate circuits which are very helpful in the isolation transformers.


They are actually needed to create windings between the couplings. This is used to decouple the windings all together. An isolation transformer helps in the allowing the Ac current from one device and then feeding it to another device automatically. The isolation transformers are generally used for doing the power supplies in the sensitive equipments that can work well with the computers and also few laboratory instruments. They are designed with much powerful attention in order to create capacitive coupling useful between the two windings. It is necessary because of the excessive capacitance which is required from flowing the current from primary to secondary. Isolation transformers are used for the impedance matching which prevents ground loops. In one case, there is high impedance and on the other there is low impedance.


There are many advantages of the isolation transformers which help in the usage of the standard isolation transformer.

    • In this case, there are both primary as well as secondary windings which can be helpful in stepping up or stepping down of the voltage output.
    • In cases, they help in giving a better impedance matching to a circuit.
    • In cases, they help in improving the power quality because it has a higher frequency as compared to the higher noise frequency currents.
    • They can be termed as the higher power transformers which actually help in the protection of the sensitive requirements.

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