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Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

Distribution transformer manufacturers are designed for specific use and purpose. They are electric isolation transformers that convert high voltage electricity into lower ones. For this purpose, they are widely installed near home and business locations. Sometimes, power lines contain high voltage that cannot be used for household so distribution transformers are connected to handle that issue.

They are termed as step down voltage that changes high voltages to standard value as required by clients. The distribution transformers are attached with two coils that help in proper supply of current throughout the device. The global Distribution transformer manufacturers are looking for best style to expand their footsteps.

We always believe in design and manufacturing customer oriented products to minimize the risk of rejection. Our specialized team of experts designs every product after deep market research and always assures most innovative solutions on demand. As reliable Distribution transformer manufacturers in India, we are dedicated to give eco-friendly solutions for green future. Let us review on technical specifications, advantages and applications of distribution transformers in upcoming sections.


Range : 50 VA - 1000KVA
Number of Phases : Single Phase, Two Phase, Three Phase
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Primary Voltage : Up to 750 VAC
Secondary Voltage : Up to 750 VAC
Insulation Class : Up to H
Cooling : Forced air / Air natural
Enclosure Protection : As per request
Winding Material : Aluminum / Electrolytic Copper

The Uses of Distribution transformer

The dissolution transformer manufacturers hand me down for carrying of the electrical pretension from a head selection travel to another lesser selection circuit en masse based on the size.


The dissolution transformer manufacturers should be all one want to am a match for with the puzzling, flammable, low move, high urge line jumble, low move assortment, deal and alleviation which are hand me down for facilitating of the practice and by the same token on transmission of the activities. There is a crave to am a matter of the high-voltage utility a way with lines to the input terminals of the transformer.

Features of our distribution transformers

The independent transformers are generally made up of aluminum or copper conductors. They are wounded with magnetic current for proper supply of current. They are divided into two major categories - abstemious and click type. The transformers that are smaller in size don’t hold required amount of current. Click transformers offer good insulation against harsh environmental conditions as they have bouquet wrapped everywhere.

The transformers that are larger in size are more preferred for overheating and good to hold large ampere currents. Distribution transformers may contradict in behavior based on its size and material has been used for manufacturing them.

Generally, they are able to withstand almost any load either it is low or heavy. This is the responsibility of Distribution transformer manufacturers to aware people about regular benefits and negative outcomes of each transformer. TO know more on transformer products and to get custom solutions, contact expert team now.


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