LT Current Transformer

LT Current Transformer

LT Current Transformer is used for converting primary current in to small standard current values which are ideal for the devices to which it is to be connected. The Low Tension Current Transformer made available by us is accessible in robust construction and is very endurable as well. Additionally, we are one of the eminent Lt Current Distribution Transformer Exporters from India.

Low Tension Current Transformer

Basic Functions of CTs are :

  • To reduce line current to a value which is suitable for measuring instruments, relays etc.
  • To isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays etc. from line voltage of an installation.
  • To protect measuring instruments against short circuit currents.
  • To sense abnormalities in current and give current signals to protective relays to isolate the defective system.

Current Transformers are Classified As
  • RING TYPE CTs : A CT which has an opening in the center to accommodate a primary conductor (busbar or cable) through it.
  • BAR -PRIMARY CTs A CT in which the primary winding consists of bar of suitable size and, material forming an integral part of the CT.
  • WOUND TYPE CTs : A CT having a primary wi d-ing of more than ane full turn wound on the core.
  • Tape Wound, Resin Cast, Abs/ Polycarbonate Enclouser.
  • Product Range upto 30VA
  • A ccuracy Calss .25,.5,1calss
  • Primary Amp upto 2000a.
  • Built Primary upto 40amp.
  • Our Current Transformer Manufacture with High Quality Core and Supply with Computerised Test Report

Specification Requier for Ordering CTR.
  • Primary current
  • Secondary current
  • VA Burden
  • Accuracy class
  • Instrument security factor
  • Accuracy limit factor
  • Environmental condition

  • Fault current of the system
  • Voltage of the system
  • Any special features required
  • CTs manufacture by us confirme to ISS 2705, BS 3938, and IEC 185-186 standards.

Low Tension Current Transformer

Range (Ampere)   Type of Encapsulation   Primary Wound Bus bar Or Cable
  Enclosure Tape wound Resin cast    
10 to 40 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
50 to 800 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Above 800 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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